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You can use this page to comment on speed limits and speed limit signs in NSW. Follow the three easy steps below to have your say. You will need to complete all three steps for your comment to be submitted. Road safety experts will review your comments.

Collective comments received through this website, together with crash data and other road safety engineering information will be used to prioritise the roads which require a speed zone review. The Centre for Road Safety will not respond to every inquiry but will use the information as part of the speed zone review prioritisation process.

More information about speed limits and how they are set is available on the Centre for Road Safety website.

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a) Enter the road or route by street, suburb, postcode or city. Once the points are shown on the map, you can drag them to adjust their position.
The more specific you can be, the better. It will help the Centre for Road Safety to locate the issue if required.

Due to technical limitations on Google maps, not all locations can be precisely identified using the text fields above.
Please contact Transport for NSW should you need further assistance. Contact details can be found at www.transport.nsw.gov.au/contact

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Thank you for your contribution. Your comments will help by providing an ongoing source of information to help identify and prioritise locations for speed camera enforcement. In most cases, you won't be contacted. If more information is required, you will be contacted using the details you have provided.

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