Fact Sheets

On this page you will find a series of fact sheets including:

Speed cameras – A clearer view

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PDF Speed cameras – A clearer viewdownload 164Kb 3


Separating the myths from the facts about speed cameras

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PDF Separating the myths from the facts about speed camerasdownload 118Kb 1


Speed camera locations

You can use the links below to see the current speed cameras locations in NSW. Locations for fixed, mobile, red-light speed (safety) are included as one PDF and a separate PDF includes locations for point-to-point cameras.

If you would like to know more about the NSW Speed Camera Strategy, click here.

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HTML Current locations for speed cameras in NSW
HTML Point-to-Point speed enforcement camera locations


Top 100 roads for speed zone reviews

The NSW Government committed to completing speed zone reviews for the top 100 roads identified through this website, these are now complete.

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HTML Top 100 roads

Review findings


Speed zone reviews

These information sheets outline the speed zone reviews carried out as part of the audit of speed zones. More information sheets will be added as further speed zone reviews are completed as part of the audit.

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PDF Information sheet 1download

Speed zone review - Auburn and Parramatta

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PDF Information sheet 2download

Speed zone review - Fairfield

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PDF Information sheet 3download

Speed zone review - Forest Road, Orange

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PDF Information sheet 4download

Speed zone review - Great Western Highway

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PDF Information sheet 5download

Speed zone review - King Georges Road

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PDF Information sheet 6download

Speed zone review - Lismore to Murwillumbah Road

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PDF Information sheet 7download

Speed zone review - New England Highway

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PDF Information sheet 8download

Speed zone review - Pacific Highway

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PDF Information sheet 9download

Speed zone review - Princes Highway

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PDF Information sheet 10download

Speed zone review - The Bucketts Way

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PDF Information sheet 11download

Speed zone review - Mitchell Highway

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Speed management

These fact sheets have been produced by road safety engineers and specialists in the Centre for Road Safety.

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PDF Fact sheet 1download

Why is speeding a problem?

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PDF Fact sheet 2download

Why do we need speed limits?

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PDF Fact sheet 3download

How are speed limits set and reviewed and how does reducing speed limits save lives?

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PDF Fact sheet 4download

How does speeding increase the risk and severity of a crash?

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PDF Fact sheet 5download

How widespread a problem is speeding?

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PDF Fact sheet 6download

The Safe System approach - the key to managing speed

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PDF Fact sheet 7download

What is a Shared Zone?

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PDF Fact sheet 8download

What is a High Pedestrian Activity Area(HPAA)?

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PDF NSW speed zoning guidelinesdownload

Principles for speed zoning in NSW

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